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The Verve - “Sonnet”

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THE STROKES ♫♪ Piano Cover 2013!! by  Benjamin Chomon a.k.a. FindAWayOut

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It’s all about the way we see things.

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DAFT PUNK - Digital Love (MiDi Cover) ♫
It took me hours to build this song “from scratch”; all the tracks and the final solo. RBChoman

Una Canción que hice hace tiempo. Va progresando a medida que avanza.
Cuenta con la genial influencia de Beck y Perry Farrell.
Equipo: Sintetizador Roland GW-7

mancalled-sun said: You're right, but Sydney is up there in cost of living, traffic, etc too and my sister gets by. I wouldn't mind all that and not being able to trust people when it means you have anonymity and can live in solitude if you wish. Everyone doesn't know everything about you etc.

Omg I just read the following: In recent years, Sydney has jumped to the 7th place in the World ranking of expensive cities (2011). It has become more expensive than London, New York and Paris. I hope your sister keeps doing well in Sydney!

mancalled-sun said: Thank you for your help with my story! I did read it before I went in but just couldn't reply till now. I loooved your suggestions as they didn't even cross my mind but unfortunately my exam didn't allow for them to fit with the criteria. =[ But they might come in handy for my next English exam, next week. :D Also about my YT channel, I had to decline the offer because none of my videos meet the criteria to earn money.

I read that you have been busy and haven’t been able to catch up with Tumblr; it’s to be expected with all the spam in the forum. :P

If you are running short of ideas again, ask here! I can try to elaborate some.

Nonetheless, 200 Thousand views on your channel is a special award :P

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